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#1 - Posted: 13/09/2008 14:22

the history of science shows that new discoveries that introduce new paradigms can take decades or even centuries to gain acceptance.  Anton von Leeuwenhoek saw microbes under magnification in the 17 century, 200 years before the germ theory of pasteur.  he was considered initially a dilletante or an amateur as he was the son of a basket maker.  he did eventually become a member of the royal society.  repeatedly we see that the original discoverers of many anomalous phenomena come from simple backgrounds, sometimes with little formal scientific training and are most often not recogized specialists or professionals.  so look around you right now.  who is purporting to have found new phenomena?  who has insufficient "scientific credentials"?  who has funded nearly all of his work out of his own pocket?  the one who meets all three of these criteria i will be very interested in what he has to say.  if the hue and cry against him by the scientific establishment is particulary vociferous, my interest in him will raise proportionately.

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