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Such startling announcements as these should be deprecated as being unworthy of science and mischievious to to its true progress. Sir William Siemens, 1880, on Edison's announcement of a sucessful light bulb

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#1 - Posted: 27/09/2008 04:42

hey michael, fairly quiet on your forum recently.  love your quotes in the margins.  the one by steve jobs and the one about lord kelvin and the flying machines are very telling and show you are willing to consider that establishment science can be (or usually is) way off when it comes to real discoveries.  

now that you have tackled a few quandries in physics and a few biological issues with philosophical overtones, why not take on some of the huge anomalies that no one wants to talk about.  i'll bet you can guess which ones i mean...  the cold fusion issue is a good one however - timely and potent with future ramifications.  let's link this forum to some more websites to publicize it more and get some discussion going.

did you know that the appearance of new species in the fossil record cannot be properly accounted for by darwin's theory.   darwinian evolution has only actually been able to demonstrate in the lab the adaptive modifications within a species, never the formation of a new species.  it has been tried and tried, but fruit flies just stay fruit flies and wheat grass stays wheat grass no matter how many  adaptations they are made to make to different environments.   so here's another big anomaly for you, the formation of new species.

see the big anomalies are all around us in things we take for granted to be understood.  we don't need fancy telescopes or particle accelerators to see them - only an open mind. 

ok, maybe life, death and sex are big anomalies - maybe too big.   i'm not sure of the practical appication.  ok, maybe my mind isn't open enough here.

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