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Such startling announcements as these should be deprecated as being unworthy of science and mischievious to to its true progress. Sir William Siemens, 1880, on Edison's announcement of a sucessful light bulb


NASA scientists found evidence for life on Mars. Then they changed their minds

NASA scientists found evidence for life on Mars. Then they changed their minds

JULY 20, 1976. Gilbert Levin is on the edge of his seat. Millions of kilometres away on Mars, the Viking landers have scooped up some soil and mixed it with carbon-14-labelled nutrients. The mission's scientists have all agreed that if Levin's instruments on board the landers detect emissions of carbon-14-containing methane from the soil, then there must be life on Mars. Viking reports a positive result. Something is ingesting the nutrients, metabolising them, and then belching out gas laced with carbon-14. According to all the criteria, this should have triggered a party: it was a sign of life on Mars. But, despite the evidence, NASA said it wasn’t life.

Thirty years later, I visited Levin at his company’s headquarters in Maryland. He is more convinced than ever that his experiment worked and detected life on Mars. And he is no longer alone. Joe Miller, a cell biologist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, has re-analysed the data and he thinks that the emissions definitely point to life. NASA researchers are calling for a new version of Levin’s experiment to be flown to Mars. Martin Rees, the astronomer royal, calls the search for extraterrestrial life the most important scientific endeavour of our time. But have we already found it?

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Location:Spokane, WA USA

#1 - Posted: 20/08/2008 05:01

There is a simple way to reconcile what we know about Quantum Theory with what we know about Relativity.  Reconsidering the Twin Paradox in quantum form leads to an astounding
clarification of Quantum Entanglement and Spooky Action At A "Distance."

Earth-Twin remains on Earth. Space-Twin sets out on a trip to the nearest
star, four light years away. Space-Twin travels at a speed that is very
close to the speed of light.

Earth-Twin experiences the passage of a little more than eight years.
Earth-Twin thinks that Space-Twin has traveled a great distance.
Space-Twin thinks he has traveled a very short distance over a very short
period of time. When he returns to Earth he is startled to see his brother
has aged by eighty years while he has barely had time to grow a new beard!!!

Now consider photons. They do not travel at "nearly" the speed of
light---They travel AT the speed of light!!! If we were to observe a
Photonaut. Time would not be moving slowly---IT WOULD HAVE ENTIRELY
STOPPED!!! Consequently, as far as the Photonaut is concerned, he has
traveled zero distance, in no time at all in his "journey" from the
emmitting atom to the absorbing atom in our detector.

Entangled photons are actually sharing the same location in Space-time until
one of them is absorbed---At most they are separated by the distance across
the original atom that emmitted them. That is, they are nearly zero-Spacetime Distance from each other
and share very nearly the same moment in time. Like Earth-Twin, we perceive light from
a distant star as having traveled a great distance over a great length of
time, but the photon, in its Space-time Reference frame, thinks it has
instantaneously hopped from atom to atom!

Time and distance are nearly meaningless in the realm of the photon.

What about Entangled Particles and Entangled atoms??? They remain in
Photon-Mediated communication over their Zero-Space-time non-separation.

One interesting consequence of this theory is the possibility of two-way
communication with someone who is at a great distance, not only in Space,
but also in time, yet with no causality violation. For instance, suppose we
generate two entangled photons and send one out into Space, when our
detector absorbs the Earth-bound Photon, it exchanges information with the
Space-bound Photon, which in their shared singular moment is being
simultaneously absorbed, perhaps ten-thousand years in our future. In a
very real sense we are close in time-distance to places that are very far in
Space distance!

Short of creating instantaneous teleportation we might truly be limited to
the speed of light. This is because you can't "get there" sooner than
instantly and that is what light is already doing--"getting there"

Spooky action at a distance may not actually be "instantaneous" even in our
Space-time Reference Frame if the entangled photons are emmitted from
different parts of the emmitting-atom, since the information would still
have to traverse up to a distance of one atomic radius. Detection of such a
time interval for Spooky action at a distance would tend to prove this
theory, but proving true instantanaety would not disprove it since the
theory allows for that as well.

What does this have to do with gravity? If there is a slight delay in
spooky action at a distance, then this may be the basis for inertia as well
as the basis for all matter interacting with all other matter.
PLEASE, Let me know what you think!!!

Wm. Scott Smith

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